Windsor expects great job performance. This includes contributing individually and as a team player in meeting company goals and supporting our mission statement, as well as displaying a friendly, respectful, and optimistic personality. In addition, all employees must show integrity in complying with policies, procedures, and guidelines.  

Part-Time Sales Associate

  • Understands and implements “The 4 Step Selling Method”
  • Achieves personal sales minimums required by “Store Gold Star” program
  • Helps maintain a visually appealing store
  • Practices and implements all loss prevention policies and procedures.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Applies 4 Step Selling Techniques
  • Achieves Personal Sales Goals of Black Dot/Gold Star Performance
  • Achieves Company KPI Goals and Expectations
  • Follows Loss Prevention Procedures
  • Cleans and maintains good housekeeping
  • Adheres to cashier procedures
  • Adheres to Company Dress Code Policy
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by management

Adheres to Mission Statement Values: 

  • Works hard and has fun as a team player
  • Integrity (mandatory)
  • Need to improve all the time
  • Does more with less and creates value
  • Smiles and listens. Makes guests happy
  • Organized and plans in ridiculous detail
  • Respects our caring and loyal family

Physical Demands:

  • Frequently stands, walks, observes, communicates, and reads.
  • Regularly moves and pushes.
  • Counts and writes to accurately complete documentation.
  • Must be able to access all areas of the store incl selling floor, stock area and register area
  • Operate and use all equipment necessary to run the store
  • Climb ladder
  • Move or handle merchandise throughout the store (generally weighing from 025 pounds)
  • Work varied hours/days to oversee store operations.
  • Environment is fast paced, and indoor temperature conditions vary.

*Job descriptions are merely a summary of the position. Duties and responsibilities are subject to change and may include any other that management finds necessary to successfully maintain store operations.

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