We look forward to your visit to Eastview Mall!

In order to provide a safe and friendly environment for our customers, employees, and merchants, we have established the following:


  1. Loitering is against the law and will not be tolerated. Persons found loitering will be subject to arrest.
  2. Smoking (including vaping) is not permitted in the mall, corridors, restrooms, or vestibules. Smoking is permitted outside by those of legal age. Underage persons found smoking on our property will be directed to leave.
  3. Disorderly Conduct – persons who engage in loud, boisterous, disruptive conduct, who use profanity, block public traffic or pedestrian access, or cause public alarm will be subject to arrest and removal. 
  4. Proper use of mall equipment (including but not limited to the play area, tables, benches, chairs, strollers, wheelchairs) is required while on our property. Persons who engage in improper use may be subject to removal.  
  5. Proper attire is required on our property; all persons must wear proper footwear and/or shirts. Persons wearing clothing that obstructs facial identification including hoods, balaclavas, and ski masks will be directed to leave the property; those wearing defamatory, racial, or provocative clothing will be directed to leave the property.
  6. The use of skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, hoverboards, and recreational motorized equipment is forbidden inside the mall.    
  7. Soliciting, photography, video recording, or handing out leaflets on mall property is prohibited without written permission from mall management. 
  8. Animals are prohibited without written permission from mall management except those trained as service animals and that are under the control of their handler as permitted by New York and Federal Law. Animals that present a threat or risk to the health and safety or others will not be permitted on mall property.
  9. No firearms or weapons, or what appears to be a firearm or weapon, of any type are permitted on this property unless you are legally licensed in New York State to possess and conceal such items. Long guns are expressly prohibited. Violators will be subject to arrest and removal from the property.­