At Eastview for a limited time, located in the Von Maur wing across from the fireplace. Toothpick World re-creates the world–one toothpick at a time–literally. All the buildings in Stan’s exhibits are built to the same 1:164 scale using satellite photos, blueprints, 3-D imaging, schematics and even drone videos. Everything is built with only toothpicks and glue. These are not machine-fabricated structures. Everything is done by hand. Stan’s most advanced tool is a hand-held Dremel tool. You can see some of the cut marks and imperfections, and you can feel the energy and dedication it took to put these pieces together. Kids and adults will be amazed by the attention to detail–it’s like taking a trip around the world.

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Where to find Toothpick World

Nearest Entrance: 3

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