Regal: $5 Forever Favorites

Now - May 9, 2024

Your Favorite Movies Back on the Big Screen — for Just $5

Some movies stay with you forever. More than just great stories, they become cultural touchstones that inspire you and make you feel. You talk about them and quote them and watch them again and again. These movies become Forever Favorites. Regal brings your Forever Favorites back to theatres so you can watch them the way they were meant to be seen. Get the theatrical experience of the most iconic movies for just $5 a ticket.  Whether you’re revisiting your favorite movie ever or seeing a classic film for the first time, see it on the big screen.

April 3 & 4: The Matrix

April 10 & 11: The Dark Knight

April 17 & 18: Interstellar

April 24 & 25: Inception

May 1 & 2: The Dark Knight Rises

May 8 & 9: Dunkirk

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